Family Skills Program ~ Helping Children Grow

This website is available for parents to refer to.
I hope that the school community finds it helpful. ~ Graham Collins (Panthers on the Prowl)

Panthers on the Prowl wishes to acknowledge the assistance it receives from the Australian Government to be able to run a Family Skills Program for school communities in the Penrith - Richmond region.

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Education - Government

Education Non - Government

Education - Homework
Kids Health

Community - Councils

Community Resources

Community - State Government
Activities for Children

Learning Support


Conflict Resolution_Information
Conflict Resolution_Resource list

Food Labels

Food and Nutrition

Food - some recipe sites

There are two other websites that I have made and are available for parents to refer to.
The first one contains a lot of information to assist with understanding more about computers, software and computer links
The second one contains information to assist with moving beyond school to tertiary education or to find a job