Communication and Positive Reinforcement

Below are some links which may be of use to you in helping to have good communication.

Communicating with your kids This site has a vast array of ideas and breaks things up into different age ranges

Communication Tips for Parents and Kids from Parenting Pages from California Consortium To Prevent Child Abuse

This site has simple suggestions

From the BBC website This site is a good source of information for parents

10 Tips to Effective & Active Listening Skills from Written by Susie Michelle Cortright This site has 10 tips for good communication. They are for adults, but also applyto children

Tips for good communication Written by Julia Barnard This site has good ideas to consider. Her points have copywright on them Julia Barnard is a professional counsellor living in Adelaide, Australia. She provides an online counselling service through her website

Children with ADD/ADHD This site helps us to understand more about how to communicate with children who have ADD & ADHD

Some YouTube clips to think about

Positive Reinforcement

Rephrase the phrase This site shows differnt ways to give praise
Early Childhood Intervention means finding specific ways to help a child become as functional as possible. This site gives example of what not to say and alternative ways of saying things
Mystic Madness. This site has an unusual name, but don't let that put you off, it has some good information to consider.
Children and Behaviour - A few tips This YouTube site provides a few tips