Nutrition & Healthy Food Suggestions

Promoting health, supporting student health care needs and reducing health risks are important to everyone at your school.
Healthy food keeps children alert and focused and gives them the nutrition they need each day. Most school canteens provide a healthy, nutritious canteen menu in line with the Fresh Tastes NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy. If your child brings their own lunch to school you can help by packing food that is interesting and nutritious. See lunch box ideas.
The Better Health Channel
The Better Health Channel (BHC) provides health and medical information that is quality assured, reliable, up to date, easy to understand, regularly reviewed and locally relevant. BHC does not have any advertising or sponsorship and is fully funded by the State Government of Victoria (Australia).
It states that children at primary school age are ready to learn about healthy food and activity. Breakfast is important. Some children are fussy or picky eaters, but snacking or grazing can be a good way to eat. School lunches and canteen food should be healthy and tasty. Family meal times are an important time to share.

Kitchen Gardens
The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation is growing a food revolution from the ground up!
Some Recipes from the Kitchen Garden group

Healthy Kids Association
There is a wealth of resources from this organisation

Kids healthy recipes
It can sometimes be hard to serve kids food that's healthy and tastes great too. This collection is here to help! For more kid friendly fare, check out the Kids recipes collection.

The Heart Foundation has a range of delicious and healthy recipes now available online

How to Feed Your Kids Healthier
The Feeding Your Kids program works with you every day over time. When it comes to behavior, people learn best over time, taking small steps that add up to big result.

Healthy Snacks and School Meals (an American website)

Parents Resource Book (an American resource)